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I'm trying to mount a directory shared from a Mac OS X machine on an Ubuntu machine, and it just gives me a permission denied error:

$ sudo mount -v -o vers=3 share/
mount: no type was given - I'll assume nfs because of the colon
mount.nfs: timeout set for Mon Apr 22 11:39:29 2013
mount.nfs: trying text-based options 'vers=3,addr='
mount.nfs: prog 100003, trying vers=3, prot=6
mount.nfs: trying prog 100003 vers 3 prot TCP port 2049
mount.nfs: prog 100005, trying vers=3, prot=17
mount.nfs: trying prog 100005 vers 3 prot UDP port 646
mount.nfs: mount(2): Permission denied
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

The server is running mac os 10.8 and the client is a virtualbox VM running Ubuntu 12.04.

The mount point (share/) belongs to a user with the same name and UID as the one on the Mac. And mounting the share from localhost works fine.

Any pointers will be appreciated. I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything correctly at this point.

Here's my /etc/exports:

/Users/stefanopalazzo/share -alldirs -mapall=stefanopalazzo

Note: we've just tested mounting one of these share from a real ubuntu server and it works just fine. The problem has to be related to VirtualBox.

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