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I'm interested in building an android app that calls another android app via the Asterisk server. It will be strictly SIP to SIP without connection to a PSTN.

I've read you can have thousands of concurrent calls based on the set up of this OP here: Performance of Asterisk Telephony System on Linux

So my next question is, I heard briefly that some systems administrators like to impose a limit on the number of concurrent calls. Is the advantage here mainly to control the bandwidth and resources used on the computer? Or are there other considerations?

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Usual reasons I can think of to limit concurrent calls would be:

  • Limited bandwidth available. Better to have 100 good quality calls than 200 horrible ones
  • Possibly slow down or prevent DOS attacks from opening too many calls and bringing the server to its knees.
  • Limited processing power - if the calls require reencoding for different codexs at each end it can eat a lot of cpu cycles per call
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