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I run several domains (via vhosts) with the same apache installation. Some domains require different mod_security rules than the others. In a seperate exceptions.conf file I collect all those rules and have this syntax:

<Location "/test">
    SecAuditEngine Off
    SecRuleRemoveById 950134
    SecRuleRemoveById 981265
    SecRuleRemoveById 981289
    SecRuleRemoveById 981244
    SecAuditEngine RelevantOnly     

But this rule would match all /test folders on all domains! But I only want to limit it to a specific host. How can I limit those rules to a vhost only in a global exceptions.conf file?

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Here are some different ways to do that:

  • instead of having a global exception file, put the exceptions inside the virtual host definitions
  • if you want to have an exception file separate from the actual virtual host definition, don't include it in the main server config - instead include it from inside the virtual host.
  • instead of using <Location>, use SecRule and the ctl:ruleRemoveByID action. Example:

SecRule SERVER_NAME "somedomain\.com$" "@streq /test/.*" "ctl:ruleRemoveByID=981244"

If possible, the first one would be by far the simplest.

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How would I set a different SecResponseBodyLimit? – powtac Apr 29 '13 at 8:28
"@streq /test/.*" is seems too much, results into: SecRule takes two or three arguments, rule target, operator and optional action list. – powtac Apr 29 '13 at 8:47

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