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Is it possible to configure LACP (Link aggregation control protocol) that spans across two IBM B50G stacked switches. Below is an illustration of what I am trying to accomplish. I have currently configured two ports in an "active" Link aggregation group on the IBM B50G. I have also configured the two ports on the D link DGS-3240-52T to be part of a LACP group. However, when I connect the two Ethernet cables into the aggregated ports on both of the switches I am unable to get network connectivity.


Is what I am trying to accomplish even possible?

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I can't seem to find the manual for the IBM switch. But anyway, does it support Multi Link Trunking Protocol? or MLT or ?MLT. As I understand it this feature is needed to support that scenario. If it does it might be just a matter of enabling that. – Matt Jun 18 '14 at 22:36
The IBM B50G seem to be Brocade switches. Page 490 of the FastIron 7.1 configuration Guide suggests this should be no problem. … – Thomas Roes Feb 3 at 15:54

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