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I am on the monitoring side of a group of 20 NetApp filers that send their snmp alerts to dfm 4 and from there to my monitor's snmp trap collector. For simplicities sake we will split them into two groups of 10 filers each - group A and group B

The issue is that for alerts like disk full, Aggregate Full, and latency:breached if the source is is from e.g. group A they want my monitoring software to process the errors one way and if the source is from group B then the errors should be processed a different way.

I suggested that the snmp traps should have a uniqe value in the "specific-trap" field depending on what group the filer belongs to.

Question is it possible to edit the traps and change (or add) a value for "specific-trap" ?

Can custom traps be created for errors like disk full etc... ?

Again I am coming from the monitoring side so aplogies for my NetApp ignorance.

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