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I am playing with Windows Azure to create an small VM to host a service that almost doesn't take any space.

Windows Azure creates a default 130gb disk, with about 100gb free. That's way too much. I do not need that much space.

I understand that MSFT will charge the storage (ie: the 130gb), so I would like to create the VM smaller (probably 30 or 40gb).

  1. Is it true that MSFT will charge me for the unused space?
  2. Is there a way to create the machine the size I want?
  3. If there is no way to create the machine in the size I want, how to resize? (the option to download the .vhd to my computer and resize here looks way too much effort to say the less).


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In azure only space really used is billed. For Linux VM, sadly, the whole space is billed. You can verify how much a drive costs you with some tools like IaaS Management Studio (works in the free version).

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In my practise is frist run VM shrink disk with data - i use this script: Get-Volume c | resize-partition -size (40GB -1MB)

And next you can use CloudExplorer


  1. For shrink disk you must firs click Acquire lease
  2. Click shrink diks and click button down with GB (if you write in input window this can't work) > click ok
  3. Click Break lease
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I also asked in Stackoverflow with seems to be the place that MSFT monitors for Azure.

I got an answer, see:

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