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I have setup my local sendmail as a Smart Host and trying to relay all incoming mails to a mail server.

However, whenever i try to send a mail to an internet mail address, getting the following error:

ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<>, relay=localhost [[UNIX: localhost]], reject=550 5.7.1 <>... Relaying denied

I debugged the sendmail configuration file and found that this rule fails as its receiving the client_addr as localhost and client_resolve is resolving to NULL. and client_name is getting set to client_name which it tries to resolve into some hostname.

My hostname is a.b.c its converting it to localhost.b.c

Logs of check_rcpt:

Relay_ok           input: < email1 @ gmail . com >
rewrite: RHS $&{client_addr} => "localhost"
rewritten as: localhost
rewritten as: [ localhost ]
rewrite: RHS $&{client_resolve} => "(NULL)"
rewritten as: < >
rewrite: RHS $&{client_name} => "localhost"
rewritten as: < @ > localhost
rewritten as: < ? > localhost . b . c
rewritten as: < ? > localhost . b . c
Relay_ok         returns: < ? > localhost . b . c
rewritten as: O $| < ? > localhost . b . c
rewritten as: $# error $@ 5 . 7 . 1 $: "550 Relaying denied"
Basic_check_rcpt returns: $# error $@ 5 . 7 . 1 $: "550 Relaying denied"
rewritten as: $# error $@ 5 . 7 . 1 $: "550 Relaying denied"
check_rcpt       returns: $# error $@ 5 . 7 . 1 $: "550 Relaying denied"

In file, i have set the SMART_HOST to my mail server, yet its getting set to localhost.

Can anyone please provide some pointers on how to resolve this issue?

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See "Anti-Spam Configuration Control" in cf/README file in Sendmail distribution.
IMHO It suggests that the following access table entry should fix you problem.

/etc/mail/access entry (file requires compilation with makemap):

connect:[UNIX:localhost]  RELAY

If it does not work (as you reported) then try

connect:localhost  RELAY
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didn't work. Tried all possible configurations present on the net, still it remains the same. – chingupt Apr 25 '13 at 9:45
Ask your question at news:comp.mail.sendmail. IMHO It looks like a some subtle bug in your configuration or a bug in senmdail (documentation). – Andrzej A. Filip Apr 25 '13 at 11:02
It seems after looking at cf/m4/proto.m4 that connect:localhost RELAY in access should work. Ask at news:comp.mail.sendmail if it is side effects free. – Andrzej A. Filip Apr 28 '13 at 9:03

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