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Using haproxy-1.5, I have the following partial config:

    acl is_api hdr(host) -i
    acl is_app hdr(host) -i

Unfortunately, the above doesn't match a request that looks like:

GET / HTTP/1.1

Far as I can tell, I need to do:

    acl is_api hdr(host) -i
    acl is_api hdr(host) -i
    acl is_app hdr(host) -i
    acl is_app hdr(host) -i


Is there a nicer way of doing this? Can I just tell haproxy to ignore the port in the host header?

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You might be able to get this to work by checking hdr_dom ( instead of hdr:

acl is_api hdr_dom(host) -i
acl is_app hdr_dom(host) -i

Just be careful because I believe this would also match things like "".

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