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I really don't like to draw network diagrams manually.

Aren't there tools which could let me describe the network in a structured textual format and get a nice picture rendered?

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Yes, there is GraphViz which renders from the dot language. (N.B. The 'Graph' bit referrs to graphs in the sense of connected nodes and edges, not bar graphs and line graphs).

It renders basic pictures by default, but is very configurable - see the gallery, or Google Image search for examples - but not easily configurable beyond coloured lines, dotted lines and shapes. You can get "tidy" pictures with a bit of effort. "Nice" is more debatable.

Sadly, it is the product of decades of time, academia and open source; and by that I mean very effective, feature filled and capable, but also ugly, opinionated, and gratingly temperamental.

I used to know of a website which would render GraphViz diagrams as you type them, but I haven't been able to find it recently. Anyone know it?

There is also a connection from the dot language into Visio, here: ( and ). I have not used this.

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A nice answer. Thank you. Though too low-level. I was thinking about something specifically meant for network diagramming. E.g. I describe every host (PC/router/server/printer/etc), every interface of theirs, every switch, every physical connection (including the media used), geography (which node is in which room/floor/building) as a separate record to get a reasonable looking printable graphical network documentation rendered. – Ivan Apr 27 '13 at 14:39

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