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i'm setting up a windows server 2012 as file server and print share server. This is a small network (6 PC) so there's no domain.

The server name is "Omega" and ip is: ""

I can ping the server, connect to it via RDP and see share just typing "\" or "\Omega" however if i browse the network from Windows 8/7 or linux client i can't see the server (but i can see all other windows machines)

All computer are in the same Workgroup (the classic "WORKGROUP")

The problem seems similar to this one:

All required services to show on network are started, Network discovery in Network sharing center is "ON". I got the same issue with windows firewall on and off.

I need the server to be shown in the network because we got 2 "media center" that can reproduce media from network share but they cannot see the server.

Thank you in advance all help will be appreciated

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I resolved the issue changing network location following this tutorial:

Enabling network discovery (these services must be started: DNS Client, Function Discovery Resource Publication, SSDP Discovery, UPnP Device Host)

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