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I am running Apache2 with Froxlor, so every customer gets their own access and error log in /var/customers/logs.

Now, is it possible to keep this functionality while also having a global access and error log the good old /var/log way that contains all traffic and errors?

I have tried defining a CustomLog in the global apache2.conf to no avail.

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The solution is to add another CustomLog line to every vhost. Each pointing to the very same file.

Setting this up is a little bit of effort since you may have to edit a lot of vhost configurations but afterwards it works like a charm.

Example lines for a <VirtualHost ...> segment:

CustomLog /var/www/web0123/access.log combined
CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log vhost_combined

APACHE_LOG_DIR is optional and may be defined in the envvars configuration file.

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