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(I was going to post this to StackOverflow, but this question is not strictly programming-related and deals more with hardware - I hope I'm in the right place.)

My client has purchased a used MC9000 handheld barcode scanner that runs Windows Mobile 6.0. This is the second scanner that was purchased used - the first one I received last year I had no problems removing the old software and using Visual Studio to put new software on the device.

This device, however, has some software on it that seems to be making it difficult to remove. The name of the existing software says 'Apriva' on the main screen and there's a 'Login' and 'Pair' buttons, both of which complain when pressed due to a smartcard that is now absent.

I am unable to use the 'Start' button to access any other program on the device, nor can I press the 'OK' button to close the auto-run 'Apriva' software.

Windows Mobile Device Center refuses to allow me to connect to the device, and I'm wondering if this 'Apriva' is preventing this connection.

Question: is it likely that my client purchased an unusable MC9000 handheld barcode scanner, or is there some advanced trick I can use to reset the device so I can continue setting up the device with my own software?

The client insists on buying used devices which I don't agree with, and depending on how this goes I might insist that future devices purchased be new for this reason.

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