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If I add Raid Activation Key:


and Memory:


To the S5520UR Intel motherboard, it enables:

"enables full intelligent SAS HW RAID for the Intel Servers with a LSI1078-based active midplane."

Does this mean I'll get some performance advantage, or that it just unlocks the new RAID 5,50,60 ..etc.

NOTE: It uses SATA HDDs, not SAS.

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AXXRAKSAS2 Install Guide

According to the guide:

This guide is specific to the Intel ® RAID Activation Key with the order code, AXXRAKSAS2. This key enables hardware RAID across all mod es (0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60) on these Intel ® server boards and systems that include an Intel ® Integrated Server RAID Module using the LSI* 1078 ROC controller:

So, like most, it is designed as a "license key" to unlock the additional RAID levels. The performance is still limited to the actual LSI card's abilities.

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