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So I have a bunch of machines on ec2 that I've provisioned using Chef-solo and some launch scripts passed as user data.

Recently, we began doing some work with the nagios cookbook and edelight's chef-solo-search cookbook to see if we could get nagios to work with chef-solo (Yes, it's technically possible, but it's more work than it's worth and good luck keeping the nagios server's node data bags updated).

So what I really, really want to do is as part of the generic chef-solo bootup script have each chef-solo node register itself with chef-server with a little flag saying "Never ever run chef-client" and an updated run_list, so that the nagios instance can use the updated database to provision nagios.

Is this even possible? And if yes, how would I go about it? I had so many problems trying to install knife through chef-solo I gave up.

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