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I hope someone can help here. Please note I am not a server admin but my current hosting company can't seem to solve the issue. I have root access and can get around the server, but am in no way an expert.

Our server runs on the HSphere control panel by Parallels. There is some issue with one of their dll's that repeatedly crashes w3wp.exe and therefore causes all app pools to recycle. For our .NET and standard html sites, we changed the app pools to run under Administrator instead of NETWORK SERVICE and the HSphere w3wp.exe stopped crashing, so we are going to leave them under admin temporarily until Parallels can fix the issue (they are pretty slow).

However, when we switch our php app pools to run under administrator, we get

Your are not authorized to view this page.
HTTP Error 403 -  Forbidden: Access is denied.

Does anyone know how I can make the php work under the Administrator account? This is Win 2k3 with IIS6.

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