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It's a R410 with the latest BMC firmware.

I can connect it from a MacBook.

$ ipmitool -v -I lanplus  -H -U root user list
ID  Name         Callin  Link Auth  IPMI Msg   Channel Priv Limit
2   root             true    true       true       ADMINISTRATOR

But it fails to active SOL.

$ ipmitool -I lanplus  -H -U root sol payload enable 1 2
$ ipmitool -I lanplus  -H -U root sol activate

Error activating SOL payload: Invalid data field in request

Here is the results from sol info.

$ ipmitool -I lanplus  -H -U root sol info
Info: SOL parameter 'Payload Channel (7)' not supported - defaulting to 0x0e
Set in progress                 : set-complete
Enabled                         : true
Force Encryption                : true
Force Authentication            : false
Privilege Level                 : ADMINISTRATOR
Character Accumulate Level (ms) : 50
Character Send Threshold        : 255
Retry Count                     : 7
Retry Interval (ms)             : 480
Volatile Bit Rate (kbps)        : 115.2
Non-Volatile Bit Rate (kbps)    : 115.2
Payload Channel                 : 14 (0x0e)
Payload Port                    : 623

How to get the SOL to work in this case?

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