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I am looking at setting up an openldap server to work as a central ssh gateway. Am I right in thinking that i need to install an openldap server, and then configure the client server to authenticate against the openldap server?

Would I then need to add multiple users ssh public keys to the ldap server? and then how do I ssh from a remote pc to one of the client servers?

Hope that makes sense...



I have been asked to configure a central gateway through which our developers can connect to ec2 instances.

The central gateway must be configured through a web gui so we can easily disable users ssh access to remote servers, and our developers would prefer to use ssh keys rather than usernames and passwords.

So I was thinking of creating an ldap server in EC2 so the connection would be

Developer > Openldap > ec2 instance using an SSH tunnel.

The developers would be anywhere in the world, but would only be connecting from their own inidividual laptops.

Currently they are connecting directly to the instances themselves all using the same ssh key, making administration of users impossible when someone leaves.

Hope this helps.

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Please try to explain what you want to achieve better, not how. What do you mean by "central gateway"? Who should connect to what from where? What is the network architecture? – Sven May 6 '13 at 7:52
OpenSSH-6.2 has AuthorizedKeysCommand which can be used to look up public keys from LDAP. PAM can be used to password authenticate against LDAP. – ptman May 6 '13 at 8:18

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