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Two days ago I purchased a dedicated server from fdcservers with CentOS and DirectAdmin installed, but can't figure out how to add a website to my host. I've been using the VPS plans of Knownhost and Linode for several months and they are very easy to operate.

Yesterday I created a package and reseller with DirectAdmin, then created name servers at godaddy and pointed my domain at my host on fdcservers, after several attempts I could finally access the website through Web browser, however a few minutes later the website can't be accessed, I pinged my domain and it said that "Ping request could not find host myhostname.com. Please check the name and try again."

But if I edit the Windows hosts file and map the IPs to my domain, then I could access my website.

I checked my domain with intodns, it said that "ERROR: One or more of your nameservers did not respond: The ones that did not respond are:76.73.xx.xx 76.73.xx.xx"

So what's wrong with it? Please kindly help me to resolve this problem, thank you very much, best regards!

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