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I have the following problem at the moment: Consider we have a Windows 2008R8 Terminal Server with the Microsoft NFS-Tools installed. I want to mount a NFSv3-share from a Linux server. On both maschines the user names and the passwords are the same but not the uids. The Windows maschine gets them from an Active Direcory Server, the Linux server gets it from an independent LDAP server (but they are synchronous)

When I mount a directory via NFS this works:

mount \\x.y.z.d\share S: 

Which gives me access to my share at the device S:. But I am not able to access file which me belong when I mount the share from another Linux maschine. On the other hand when I create a file from the Windows maschine on the share I am not able to access the files from my Linux user because of the wrong permissions.

How can I introduce a user mapping that this works? And it should work for any arbitrary user which can login on the system. So the registry hacks with the anonuid etc. are not suitable.

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