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I installed collectd, graphite(0.9.10), carbon and whisper on a debian box. Graphite displays the captured data correctly and I can build a dashboard with it.

The documentation( also mention that it's possible to edit and export data via JSON, but for any reason that doesn't work. If I go to a dashboard and click on the dashboard menu, then I can't see "Edit Dashboard".

Do you have any idea how to get "Edit Dashboard" in the dashboard working?

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There's quite a difference between the documentation for the version you have installed and the documentation you are reading.

According to the downloads page, 0.9.10 was released on the 31st of May, 2012.
According to the commit history, in-place dashboard editing was added on the 3rd of January, 2013.

It looks like a 0.9.11 release is due soon.

If you need the bleeding-edge features right now, you will have to get the code fresh from Github.

Beware if you go this route, you will get the bleeding-edge bugs along with the bleeding-edge features.

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Thanks, I haven't seen that – Paul B May 8 '13 at 21:24

I was able to export/import in 0.9.10. The urls are: /dashboard/load/ to get dashboard description as json and /dashboard/save/ to save/update. In this case it is a POST request with data sent as - state=url_encoded_json

I put my url encoded data into a test_dash.txt file that contained a single like as state=url_encoded_json format and then used curl: curl -d @test_dash.txt http:///dashboard/save/test_dash

NOTE: the data retrieved from /dashboard/load includes {"state": } at the top level that needs to be removed before being sent to /dashboard/save

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