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I'm attempting to configure a Cisco RV016 router to connect to an Azure Virtual Network to create a site-to-site VPN, but it's not working.

I'm aware that a Cisco RV016 is not in the list of officially supported devices, however it does appear to meet the requirements listed on the same page.

The information I'm getting in the Cisco logs is:

(g2gips0) #87: initiating Main Mode
(g2gips0) #87: [Tunnel Negotiation Info] >>> Initiator Send Main Mode 1st packet
packet from ignoring informational payload, type NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN 

And the only error I get on Azure is:

Unable to establish the cross-premise tunnel for MyNetwork. Previous 
state: Initializing. Current state: Not Connected. 5/8/2013 10:27:47 AM

The config on my Cisco RV016 is this:

Local Security Gateway Type:  IP Only
IP Address:                   <ip addr of the RV016>
Local Security Group Type:    Subnet
IP Address:         
Subnet mask:        

Remote Security Gateway Type: IP Only
IP Address:                   <Azure Gateway IP Address>
Remote Security Group Type:   Subnet
IP Address:          <address space that I've configured in Azure Virtual Network>
Subnet Mask:         <i.e.>

IPSec Setup
Keying Mode:             IKE with Preshared key
Phase 1 DH Group:        Group 2 - 1024 bit
Phase 1 Encryption:      AES-256
Phase 1 Authentication:  SHA1
Phase 1 SA lifetime:     28800
Perfect Forward Secrecy: false
Phase 2 DH Group:        Group 2 - 1024 bit
Phase 2 Encryption:      AES-256
Phase 2 Authentication:  SHA1
Phase 2 SA lifetime:     3600
Preshared Key:           <copied from Azure generated shared key>

Aggressive Mode:     False
Compress:            False
Keep-alive:          True
AH Hash Algorithm:   False
NetBIOS Broadcast:   False
NAT Traversal:       False
Dead Peer Detection: False
Tunnel Backup:       Not configured
Split DNS:           Not configured

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

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Did you ever get this working? Can you share the solution or fix if so? – SolarCurve Aug 20 '14 at 17:12
No sorry, I gave up and used a Cisco ASA 5505 instead! – BG100 Aug 21 '14 at 12:12

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