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please need help...

I'm trying to set up a big photos folder in a new hdd over apache.

Before it was: /htdocs/photos now I'm trying to create a virtual directory:
<IfModule alias_module>
Alias /photos "/home/photos"
<Directory "/home/photos">
<IfModule alias_module>
Alias /photos "/home/photos"
<Directory "/home/photos">
...and it works accesing it from outside
but PHP when I upload a new photo it creates on the OLD /htdocs/photos not in /home/photos

What should I do? A symbolic link?? a bit insecure isn't it? I don't know
Thank you!

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A symlink from /home/photos to your htdocs/photos should be finde. Don't forget to add:

Options FollowSymLinks

to your vhost config.

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