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I am running Windows SBS 2011. I have added a web site to IIS using port 8888 and it works perfectly when connecting locally, but not from any other PC on the network (domain).

I think I need to open port 8888 on Windows Firewall but the "Change Settings" button is disabled because of Group Policy.

I need to know how to either:

  1. Enable that button (i.e. where do I find the setting that disables it?)
  2. Open port 8888 in Group Policy
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you can manage windows fw policy in GPO's.

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I have seen this article before, however I have played with each of the settings and so far have been unable to work out which one will accomplish point 2 described in my question, i.e. how to open port 8888 through GPO. Do you know which one it is? – Rob King May 19 '13 at 19:03

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