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I am working on a website that runs on WordPress. The an error occurs when accessing the blog page that it displays the RSS feed (in XML) rather than the posts. After some research I found out the when enabling mod_cache this error sometimes occurs. I see when looking at the apache2 modules enabled apache2ctl -M it shows that mod_cache, mod_mem_cache and mod_disc_cache are enabled. What should I disable in order to resolve this problem?

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Make sure you do not have a CacheIgnoreQueryString On directive, or that it's set to off. Also that you do not have a CacheIgnoreHeaders Accept directive. I'm not terribly familiar with WordPress RSS generation, but disabling caching altogether is going to be really bad for performance.

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Thanks for your comment. I actually fixed this quite some months ago, I simply disabled the mod completely and that fixed it. – Zach Russell Oct 20 '13 at 1:39

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