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There's a program we are using for benchmarking our web apps that is called Sbench. Its help page shows:

FAST - Sbench 2.0.0.beta1 - 2008-09-13 redhat3-i686
PLATFORM   : linux2 / posix

However I cannot find any information about it on the web. It is producing two output files, one called .summary and one .video, but I have no idea what their format is and how they can be opened.

Any ideas what this program is?

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Try to check the installation information. Do you know if the program was installed via RPM? It looks like it was distributed as a binary, though.

Try: rpm -qf /path/to/Sbench, where you give the full path to the Sbench executable.

You may not be able to find more information. It could be a utility that was developed in-house, for instance.

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