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I ran knife solo bootstrap [myserverssh] to initially install recipes on my server. Everything got installed correctly.

I then made changes the recipes. I ran knife solo cook [myserverssh] to update my server. Chef however doesn't seem to find the changes/update the server. The output is:

Checking Chef version...
Starting Chef Client, version 11.4.4
Compiling Cookbooks...
Converging 0 resources
Chef Client finished, 0 resources updated

Is there something I need to do to let chef know what changed and what it needs to update ont the server?

The change I made was adding the following to the site-cookbooks/nginx/recipes/main_conf.rb:

# Make Secure Site
template "#{node['nginx']['dir']}/sites-available/default-secure" do
  source "cakephp-secure-site.erb"
  owner "root"
  group "root"
  mode 00644
  notifies :reload, 'service[nginx]'

# Enable Secure Site
nginx_site 'default-secure' do
  enable true

Side note: I'm also using librarian. Not sure if it makes a difference. I tried running librarian-chef clean but it didn't help.

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Ah ha! Figured it out.

First time I did knife solo bootstrap [ec2's public address]. Second time I did knife solo cook [ip address of my server].

The second time it created a new nodes file (in the nodes/ folder). It was empty and didn't have any recipes/roles assigned to the host.

I copied the content of the first node file into the second.

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