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The scenario is as follow.

Let's take an example I have one domain called abc.com.I have purchased this domain.Now I am providing facility to the users to create their sites on this domain.So suppose 02 users created sites called site1 and site2.This is the first case.

Another case is I am also providing facility to the users to purchase domain.So suppose one user has purchased domain called domain1.com and created site called site3.

Now what I want to implement is,I want to provide one User Inteface in which total number of sites which are registered on my domain(in this case abc.com) or any other domain which user purchased(in this case domain1.com) will be listed.So in this case site1,site2,site3 will be listed.Now admin user will select whatever site admin user wants to give bandwidth usage.So let's take an example that admin wants to assing 1GB of bandwidth to site1,2GB of bandwidth to site2 and 3GB of bandwidth to site3.So this will be saved to the database.

After that let's say site1 gets hits from browser.Means people are visiting site1.So I want that on every hit of site1,bandwidth should be calculated whatever is used and once it reaches to the limit (in this case 1GB),the error message should come at the time of hitting that "site1 bandwidth limit exceeded".I want this for every site.Any help would be appreciated a lot as I am stuck on this.Thanks in advance.

I have done research and found some tools like mod_bandwidth,mod_bw,vlogger but they are not fulfilling my needs.Any help would be appreciated.If you have any questions then please let me know.Thanks in advance.

Thanks and regards, Abdulbasit F Shaikh.

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What is it about those tools that doesn't meet your needs? –  Drew Khoury May 15 '13 at 8:34
@DrewKhoury : mod_bandwidth and mod_bw is used to limit the speed of data being sent and received.vlogger is used to work with only one domain while my need is of multiple domains. –  user2056902 May 15 '13 at 8:42

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