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I compiled and installed strongswan ipsec vpn successfully, as demonstrated by the fact that the service starts successfully:

as3:~# ipsec restart
Stopping strongSwan IPsec...
Starting strongSwan 5.0.4 IPsec [starter]...

When I run command ipsec pki --gen --outform pem > caKey.pem I see the error:

as3:~# ipsec pki --gen --outform pem > caKey.pem
openssl FIPS mode(0) unavailable

What does "openssl FIPS mode(0) unavailable" mean? How to fix it?

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This message is logged in strongSwan 5.0.4 if OpenSSL is not compiled with FIPS mode enabled, that is if OPENSSL_FIPS is not defined in openssl/opensslconf.h.

In future releases it will only be logged if the user actually wants to use OpenSSL in FIPS mode, either by setting

    where MODE is either 0 (disabled, default), 1 (enabled), or 2 (Suite B enabled)

during ./configure or by setting

    same values as above, the default is also 0.

in strongswan.conf to a value != 0.

Therefore, if you dont't want to use OpenSSL in FIPS mode, as is indicated by the (0) in the log message you posted, you can safely ignore this message.

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It seems you missed openssl fips mode plugin when you compiled strongswan.


Set OpenSSL FIPS mode: disabled (0), enabled (1), Suite B enabled (2). Defaults to the value configured with the --with-fips-mode option

You can re-compile strongswan, or make change to openssl config:

# Default section
XXXX_conf = XXXX_options
[ XXXX_options ]
alg_section = algs
[ algs ]
fips_mode = yes
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hi,mr gnouc:i re-compiled strongswan with "--with-fips-mode" parameter but useless,when i run "ipsec pki --gen --outform pem > caKey.pem",i still met the error-"openssl FIPS mode(0) unavailable". – fisherman May 16 '13 at 8:27
What is your ssl config? Please post here? – cuonglm May 16 '13 at 8:31

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