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Question below got closed in Stackoverflow, more appropriate here.

I'm running ISPConfig 3, Nginx, PHP5-FPM, and Ubuntu 12.10.

The purpose of the VPS is to serve multiple websites for our clients. I manage them all. The clients are completely hands off.

Everything works great except for ISPConfig creating an individual user and group and making those the owners of the respective folders for each domain/site on the server. (web10:web10) Myself and two others on the team modify basic php and CSS files, so I want the group that we are in, say webmins, to control the sites in /var/www. Is this possible to do by default?

For the time being, I've chown -R myuser:mygroup /var/www to get the appropriate permissions. The problem with this approach, is php runs as the ISPConfig user, say web10. For plugins that run in Wordpress to be able to modify site content, the folder wp-content must have 777 access. Very insecure.

Thanks for your help, any ? let me know.

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