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I installed a site on a new Ubuntu server. When I'm downloading something from that site, the server doesn't accept additional connections from that user.

If I click on one link it doesn't respond until the download finishes.

Any idea why this happens in Apache, what in the configuration should I change?


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Can you provide more information? What are you downloading with? Are there any errors in apache logfile? – lexsys Aug 6 '09 at 11:07
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The HTTP1.1 standard limits client connections to web servers to 2 concurrent connections. This is a client limitation, not a server limitation and you can increase it.

Changing limit in IE5.5+

Changing limit in Firefox

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This is possibly more related to the client, rather than the server

What application are you downloading with?

If memory serves, Firefox (for instance) defaults to a small number of connections to the same server. Apache, I don't think, doesn't limit the number of connections from a client by default

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