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I set an environmental variable for user on CentOS by simply:

1.) Logging in with the user

2.) Going to their home directory cd ~ and creating a file .profile

3.) Putting the following in the .profile file:

export APP="dev"

However, when I:

echo $APP

It is blank. I have tried closing my SSH session and retying, still the same problem.

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~/.profile is only read for login shells. Either use ~/.bashrc for all bash shells, or ~/.ssh/rc for SSH connections only.

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Even putting it in my ~/.bashrc I can't get the value from PHP using getenv(), always comes back false. Any ideas? – Justin May 18 '13 at 6:14
you have to restart your shell (relogin) or just simply execute source ~/.bashrc or the equivalent . ~/.bashrc – ardiyu07 May 18 '13 at 6:17
@Justin: Are you running the PHP code from the logged-in shell? – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams May 18 '13 at 6:20

you can place in /etc/profile.d directory

in you can have the following line

export APP="dev"

it is working

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