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I am using minicom in centos to try to connect to a cisco router. I did the configuration with minicom -s changed the serial port to the appropriate one /dev/ttyS1. Saved as dfl. and Exit.

When minicom started i got the following.

Welcome to minicom 2.3
Options: 118n
Compiled on Nov 23 2010, 13:27:13
Port /dev/ttyS1

        press CTRL-A z for help on special keys

I don't see the cmd: line though. Do i need to set up anything else?

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It sounds like you may need to initialize the modem. Hit CTRL+A z to get to the Help menu then "M".

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Thank, I initialized the modem. I got '###############' and that was it. still no cmd: – user1817081 May 21 '13 at 15:09
That could just be the cisco router decompressing the image. Try hitting enter a few times to see if it brings anything else up. Also make sure the settings for the serial connection are: 9600 8N1 under Help > Parameters. – emynd May 21 '13 at 15:34

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