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My question relates to my previous question but I realized that my previous question was off the mark.

I'm using a hosting service so I don't have access to root (just a user account) and my Apache web server is a Virtual Host running on port 80. The DocumentRoot is and is at /home/myname/ on the file system.

I want to run multiple buildbot masters and display build results for the projects project1, project2 etc. at, etc.

I set up my first buildbot master with the twisted web server on port 8010 and can access the content by going to but I can't figure out how to make the content on visible at

So, I want to know if it makes sense to have a unique twisted server for each master? And, how I should make visible at (if this is the correct way to go about doing this)?

Sorry, I'm very new to web admin issues and need very detailed help.

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This can be done in Apache through reverse proxying. See for setup information. Feel free to post again if you have more questions.

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