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I have a Debian server running postfix. In the file /etc/postfix/main.cf there is this line:

mailbox_command_maps  = pcre:/etc/postfix/mailbox-pcre

The file /etc/postfix/mailbox-pcre contains lines like this:

/^action/       /usr/sbin/takeaction -q
/^filter/       /usr/bin/filter-special
/^archway/      /usr/bin/archway2

I have a new situation where I want all e-mails with a To: address starting with "tester" to be run through a Perl script. I added a new entry to the file /etc/postfix/mailbox-pcre` like so:

/^action/       /usr/sbin/takeaction -q
/^filter/       /usr/bin/filter-special
/^archway/      /usr/bin/archway2
/^tester/       /usr/bin/tester

I added this line and restarted postfix. When I send an e-mail to the tester e-mail address I am getting an "unknown user" error. So there must be something else I need to do so that postfix recognizes the tester e-mail address.

What else do I need to do?

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