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I have some admins who are complaining of certain properties such as "User must change password at next logon" not taking effect. (when they re-open the properties dialog box, the checkbox is missing)

I suspect that this may be related to an incorrect service pack on the AD Tools.

  • How do I update the Administrative tools on a pc?
  • How do I tell what version I'm running ?
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You probably mean the remote server administration tools (RSAT) package. Those are updated infrequently - so far there has been an update for Windows 7 SP1 and this specific one only seems to affect the installer and not any of the accompanying tools. The older toolkit releases have not been updated too often too - the latest and final release of the Windows Server 2003 Adminpak is dated August, 4th 2003.

As the RSAT is delivered either as an update package (Windows 7 RSAT is KB958830) in MSU format or as a feature to your server installation, expect it to be updated via Windows Update.

Determining the version seems somewhat of a pain as it is not a regular software package - I could not find any resource indicating that it has a version number in the first place. You might try checking for the version numbers of individual DLLs though (adprop.dll / dsprop.dll are heavily used by the dsa.mmc snapin ("Active Directory Users and Computers") for example).

The problem you are describing indeed seems to be an issue with an early (Beta) version of the RSAT package:

Running ADUC. Multi Selected 8 Users and tried to turn off the "User Must Change Password At Next Logon" flag and it doesn't have any effect (no error message returned).

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+1 I've seen hotfixes listed for specific consoles, or DLLs leveraged by those consoles, but never for the RSAT suite of tools as a whole and certainly never as part of a .MSU package. The annoying "Backspace breaks the GPO console on 2008 R2" bug has a hotfix, for example, but you need to track it down on TechNet and request the hotfix link. – MDMarra May 23 '13 at 19:54

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