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In Nagios 2 and 3, I'm looking for a way to export a list of all monitored hosts to either CSV or XML or something similar.

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How about this...

root@box:/etc/nagios3# cat conf.d/hosts/*.cfg | grep "host_name\|address\|alias" |grep -v localhost | perl -ne '$line = $_; 
if ($line =~ /host_name(.*)/) {
$match = $1 ;
$match =~ s/ |\t//g; 
print "\n".$match."\t";
if ($line =~ /address(.*)/) {
$match = $1 ;
$match =~ s/ |\t//g; 
print $match."\t";
if ($line =~ /alias(.*)/) {
$match = $1 ;
$match =~ s/^\s+//; 
$match =~ s/\t//g; 
print $match."\t";

It ll spit out a tab separated list with hostname, ip address and alias for each host in your nagios config.

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This worked for me, but for some reason the hosts were in another subfolder. – Lars May 27 '13 at 13:11

If you're not configuring your hosts in conf.d/hosts you may try this:

grep host_name /var/log/nagios/objects.cache | cut -f3 | sort -u | paste -d, -s
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Take a look at MK Livestatus:

echo -e 'GET hosts\nColumns: address' | unixcat /var/nagios/rw/live
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