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I have an openVPN Server that share a network in tun mode, the main network that it share is on the class : .

The config file that I have on the Server is like the following :

local               ## ip/hostname of server
port 1194                        ## default openvpn port
proto udp
dev tun

#client configuration
client-config-dir /etc/openvpn/clients

Now I have attached the server to another network card (eth1) where it is connected to another network where there is a another gateway( to others remote networks,, ecc ...

The VPN server that have another IP address( on the second NIC, can reach all the others networks because it have a route table that allow it to connect all others networks through gateway.

The question is : How can let the clients of the main VPN server (, ) connects to the subnet and to the other networks behind the gateway ?

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