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With my current configuration the BackupPC creates one rsync(of tar for local) process per host. My config file is following: /etc/BackupPC/pc/

$Conf{RsyncShareName} = '/data';

In my /data I have many folders /data/01 /data/02 /data/03. I would like to backup them in parallel. Is it possible to configure BackupPC in the way that single host backup done in parallel on directory basis?

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Found finally! Looking in documentation: host aliases in /etc/BackupPC/hosts adding lines- 0 root 0 root 0 root


$Conf{XferMethod} = "tar";
$Conf{TarShareName} = '/data/01';
$Conf{ClientNameAlias} = 'localhost';

same for 02,03 folders.

Then backups will start in parallel if $Conf{MaxBackupPCNightlyJobs} >1;

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