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I'm trying to create my first deb so I don't know much about it yet. This is my 'rules' file at the moment:

#!/usr/bin/make -f
# Uncomment this to turn on verbose mode.
export DH_VERBOSE=1

# This has to be exported to make some magic below work.

        dh $@

At the moment I'm reading documentation and trying to understand how to write more complicated 'rules' files. I'm stuck on 'binary-arch' and 'binary-indep' targets. In short I don't understand what they actually stand for.

The documentation says that package arch is determined by 'Architecture:' line in 'Control' file.

  • If the value is 'all' then the package is an architecture dependent.

  • If the value is 'any' then the package is an architecture

I fully understand this part. But then I start reading man files for debhelper tools.

man dpkg-buildpackage says:

  1. It calls debian/rules build followed by fakeroot debian/rules binary-target (unless a source-only build has been requested with -S). Note that binary-target is either binary (default case, or if -b is specified) or binary-arch (if -B is specified) or binary-indep (if -A is specified)

man dh says:

Commands in the binary-indep sequence are passed the "-i" option to ensure they only work on binary independent packages, and commands in the binary-arch sequences are passed the "-a" option to ensure they only work on architecture dependent packages.

then I try to view the default set of commands for 'binary', 'binary-arch' and 'binary-indep' targets by typing

$ dh binary --no-act

$ dh binary-arch --no-act

$ dh binary-indep --no-act 

and get fully equal sets of commands. the only difference is '-i' and '-a' flags after each command.

So the first question is - what is the difference between for example 'dh_auto_build', 'dh_auto_build -a' and 'dh_auto_build -i' ( or some other dh_command ) ?

And another question is - if my 'control' file consists only of packages with 'all' architecture do I need to use binary-indep target, or I can do without it and use only build-arch target in my 'rules' file ?

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