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On FreeBSD, when I have one interface with two IPs:

ifconfig nic0 netmask
ifconfig nic0 alias netmask

If I ping the alias, if the host I'm pinging from, e.g., is not yet in the ARP cache, this results in the the following ARP request:

Who has Tell

In other words, the ARP request originates from the interface main IP.

On Windows 7 or Server 2008R2, however, if I configure my interface similarly:

netsh int ipv4 set address "LAN" static
netsh int ipv4 add address "LAN" skipassource=true

When I do the same, it results in this ARP request:

Who has Tell

Can this be changed so, that on Windows as well, ARP requests always originate from the main interface IP?

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