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I'm currently setting up an Opencart Ecom website on a VPS running Centos 6.3 which has Plesk Panel 11. I haven't much experience with servers so trying to get things right from the start.

When I FTP my opencart site up to the httpdocs dir, the dir has the following permissions: drwxr-x--- 11 john psaserv 4096 May 29 00:31 httpdocs

All files and directories within the httpdocs dir have the following user and group drwxr-xr-x 6 john psacln 4096 May 28 23:08 admin

I understand that 'John' is the owner of the files and both (psaserv & psacln) are groups setup by plesk. What I would like to do is to be able to setup a webdev group that would allow anyone in that group to edit files/directories within the httpdocs dir. How do I go about doing that, is it just creating the webdev group and adding it to psaserv and psacln? I want to keep it as secure as possible.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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This is somewhat convoluted and I've not recently tested this on the latest version.

Create FTP Users

In Plesk 11, you can add additional FTP users via the interface.

Home -> Domains -> domain.com -> Website & Domains -> FTP Access

You can add additional users here. They will have the psacln GID and be dropped into the path you select during addition.

Create Group

At the command line, create a new user group for this domain. Add your FTP users to this group.

*Change Ownership/Permissions

On the httpdocs and files therein, you will need to chown them to your new user group.

You then may want to set the setgid flag on the directory so all new files are created under that group. (chmod g+s dir).

See: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12842/make-all-new-files-in-a-directory-accessible-to-a-group

and similar posts.

Let me know if this works, I've not had to do this with plesk in quite sometime.

I do not recommend the ACL approach as I've seen it cause issues with Plesk upgrades.

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Hi Jeff, thanks for your reply. Been watching/reading tutorials all day to try gain a better understanding. Will it not cause issues removing psacln from being the group owner of the files? Would apache,php be members of this group and removing the group cause problems as they'd have to rely on the others permissions. Hope I'm not being silly here –  user23744 May 30 '13 at 0:24
Hi Jeff, I created a usergroup called webdev and added myself (john) to the group. I recursively changed the owner and group of httpdocs directory as follows. drwxr-x--- 11 john webdev 4096 May 29 00:31 httpdocs I got a 403 Forbidden message on my webpage. I know that this is because, Apache was previously a member of the psaserv group so it would have had r+x permission on the httpdocs dir. Since I removed psaserv from being the group owner, Apache would have the permissions of other which currently is nothing. Is it ok to change the other permissions to add r+x, ie. chmod 755 httpdocs? –  user23744 May 30 '13 at 15:23
If you change the permissions, chmod httpdocs 755. –  jeffatrackaid May 30 '13 at 19:22
Cheers for the advice Jeff –  user23744 May 30 '13 at 23:00

What you're trying to do can be accomplished by using ACL. If you don't already have ACL installed, you can get it via yum.

Once installed, you can simply do things such as setfacl -m user:joe:rx /home/bill/private or setfacl -m group:webdev:rwx /var/www/opencart. You can also of course apply the changes recursively through the directories with -R.

To view the access lists on a given file, getfacl filename.

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