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I have a disk mount as /local in the centos 5.3. Under /local/foldera/folderb/ I have lots of folders like:

drwxrwxrwx root root 4096 DEC 10 10:40 Platformxx

Then I've build another server and on ther server many Platform like on the above.I want to use autofs to automatically mount those folders to my server through nfs.Just use mount command everything works fine.Then i choose to use the autofs.In /etc/auto.master I write like this:

/local/foldera/folderb /etc/auto.nfs

and at the /etc/auto.nfs:

Platformxx -rw,soft xx.xx.xx.xx:/xx/Platformxx

After config that,server autofs reload.When I open every folder in folderb. Error tells me the system cannot find the folder.And i cannot see anything in the folderb.The command 'll' returns total 0. After i delete the record i added to auto.master and reboot the server, those folders come back. So what's wrong

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