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I am a new to the server world, and I need some assistance setting one up.

Here is my question: How can I host multiple websites on one server...with one public IP address...with Apache, without having to have registered domain names for each website?

I would like to be able to type in my public IP address from anywhere...and have the ability to view any particular website on the server. typing this into a browser address bar for one website--, and this into the address bar for another website--

I'm not sure how to do this; I haven't been able to find tutorials or guides for this goal.

I am using Apache 2 on Ubuntu Server 12.04. My server computer is going through a home router (is using the router's public IP address).

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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How is it possible not to find this? Do you consider your problem (not finding the most basic document) "professional IT"? Only that is on-topic here. – Hauke Laging May 30 '13 at 22:41
Welcome to ServerFault. Unfortunately, your question is probably going to be closed, because it relates to computers in a home setting, and hence is offtopic. Please check out the faq – EightBitTony May 30 '13 at 22:41
Not to mention, domain names are quite cheap. If you're a developer, you should already have one. If not, go get one. – Michael Hampton May 30 '13 at 22:53

It's a <VirtualHost ipaddr:port> line in the Apache config files. For ubuntu, I believe there is a directory for these in /etc/apache2/vhost.config/ or something like that. You'd use a VirtualHost section for each of your sites, but on a different port for each.

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