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I tried installing the 64-bit 13.04 Ubuntu server on a fairly generic superMicro box with dual OCZ SSD's I plan to software RAID. The install failed with a "Unable to install busybox-initramfs" message. This appears to be a bug documented on launchpad. (I got the same error message even when ignoring the second SSD.)

I checked console 4 for details:

apt-install or in-target is already running, so you cannot run either of them again until the other instance finishes.
You may be able to use `chroot /target ...` instead.

in-target: Unexpected error; command not executed:
`sh -c debconf-apt-progress --no-progress --logstderr -- apt-get -q -y --no-remove install busybox-initramfs`

I'm not sure what to do with this error message without sifting through the installer code, but the person who reported the bug originally on launchpad suggested that he found a workaround by "preseeding the installation with linux-server". Does anyone have any idea what this means / how to do this?

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I too am having this problem. Hoping there is a command line switch to fix this. –  Midwire Jan 29 at 1:36
13.04 is obsolete, at this point. Either install 13.10, the current stable version, or I recently installed the 14.04 beta, which was the smoothest install yet. –  pgoetz Jan 30 at 10:22
Even though the question was asked regarding 13.04, I just had this error installing 14.04, so it's still current. –  Jim OHalloran Jul 7 at 23:29
Still current with 14.10 trying to install with LVM. –  Marco Poli Nov 1 at 21:04

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