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I have decided to switch from a single default nodes.pp to a Hiera back-end to manage nodes in Puppet and assign modules to nodes.

We use hostnames as such:


This is our hiera.yaml and hierdata-directory structure:

# cat hiera.yaml 
    - yaml

    - environment/tst/%{::hostname}
    - environment/tst
    - %{::osfamily}
    - common

:logger: console

    :datadir: '/etc/puppet/hieradata'

# find hieradata

The problem is that environments need to be set as environment=tst in the /etc/puppet/puppet.conf on each individual node. I could write a module to do this based on the hostname of the server, but I am not sure this is the best way to organize servers in seperate environments.

  • What is the best way to be able to have different Puppet modules for different servers?
  • And what is the best way to add specific modulesto a group of servers?
  • e.g. I have 10 Apache webservers... I would like to have all these apache-nodes, no matter if they are tst/acc/dev/prd to have the apache modules.

The thing I want to avoid is to add a list of classes in the list of classes for each individual server. This was the reason we were moving from the single node.pp to a Hiera back-end in the first place.

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Possible duplicate of… – dawud May 31 '13 at 15:48
How do you want to assign the environment? If the hostname standard is consistent, you can just get it from there, or you can configure it per-node. Similarly, do you want the group decisions for modules to be based on the hostname, assigned specifically in the hiera data for that node, or some other method? – Shane Madden Jun 1 '13 at 7:11
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You might want to assign a role to servers, and use that to provide them with packages.

For instance; in /etc/facter/facts.d you put a file that sets a role fact. You could use that as a Hiera hierarchy level to assign modules to the servers then.

Never tried it myself, but I think that could work.. :)

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