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I'm currently working on migrating users to Windows 7 from XP. We use roaming profiles. Xp creates a folder named "Profile", while Windows creates "Profile.V2". Theses folders are independent of each other and do not synchronize. Users "lose" their desktop Favorites etc when using 7 for the first time. I'd like to script a solution which will copy (specific) data from "Profile" to "Profile.v2". Here's a basic outline of what I'd like to do:

# Check for location of users profile folder
#I realize I will need an "if" statement here:

\\server_1\%username%\profile   #eg... Boolean=False
\\server_2\%username%\profile   #eg... Boolean=True
\\server_3\%username%\profile   #eg... Boolean=False

# When true begin to iterate xcopy

xcopy /s/e/f \\server_2\users\%username%\profile\[My Documents] -> %HOMEPATH%\My Documents
xcopy /s/e/f\ \server_2\users\%username%\profile\[Desktop] -> %HOMEPATH%\Desktop
xcopy /s/e/f\ \server_2\users\%username%\profile\[Favorites] -> %HOMEPATH%\Favorites
xcopy /s/e/f\ \server_2\users\%username%\profile\[Favorites] -> %HOMEPATH%\Favorites
xcopy /s/e/f\ \server_2\users\%username%\profile\[app data]\Microsoft\Outlook\*.nk2 -> %APPDATA%\roaming\microsoft\outlook

Please keep in mind I do realize I could use other tools to accomplish this. I'm more or less interested in completing this task in this particular fashion, whether it be through batch or powershell. Thanks!

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Have you transitioned to Windows 7 yet, or us this preparation? If you are using roaming profiles then you should also do redirected folders. Redirected folders will handle everything you are trying to migrate. – Zoredache May 31 '13 at 20:24
Also, what is your question? – Zoredache May 31 '13 at 20:25
@Zoredache I am manually having to copy to the directories I've outlined. I'd like to script this process. As it stands the script I have will not work. I guess my question is "How do I make this script work?". As stated at the end on my original post, I realize there are multiple ways to accomplish this. Folder redirection is not a requirement for roaming profiles. I just want to know how I can automate copying data using a script. – Qwilson May 31 '13 at 20:48
You're right. Redirection isn't a requirement, it's just highly recommended. If you have a chance to implement them now (and it is trivial with GPO to copy the folders you want), you should strongly consider it. – MDMarra Jun 1 '13 at 15:36
"Gimme teh codez" type questions don't really belong. I was simply offering some experience (as a comment, not an answer) to hopefully help you in the long run. Do whatever you like with the information. – MDMarra Jun 1 '13 at 20:08

USTM (User State Migration Tool) lets you selectively extract a user profile and import it on a new or refreshed PC.

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My question is very specific and this does not remotely begin to answer it. As previously stated "... I do realize I could use other tools to accomplish this. I'm more or less interested in completing this task in this particular fashion..." – Qwilson Jun 1 '13 at 19:36

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