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I just managed to make my phpmyadmin and squirrelmail available with SuPHP on my Ubuntu 12.04 - ISPConfig install. I gave them a vHost config, added their docroots to SuPHP and added locked users for them and changed their folder ownership in /usr/share and /var/lib.

Now I wonder if it is somehow possible to configure a global alias, like www.oneofmydomains.de/phpmyadmin for all of my domains for the phpmyadmin installation in /usr/share. If I set a global alias in my apache2 directives it tries to redirect , but suPHP locks the access as it's not in the docroot of the used domain, while the path is in the allowed docroots of suPHP.

Any advice appreciated, already spent a whole night on that ^^

Here I asked about the initial problem:


Thanks in advance!

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