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I have a distributed switch set up in my vCenter with 2 hosts.

Recently I ordered a new IP range which comes with a Gateway address. The IPs are assigned to the correct VLAN, my question is, how do I set this up so that I can choose which Guest OS can use one of the new IPs.


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Please provide the version and license level of your VMware installation. – ewwhite Jun 3 '13 at 5:45
I have vCenter Server 5 standard with vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus – Jochen Jun 3 '13 at 5:49
Might be way too obvious; did you assign a static IP to the guest OS you want to have the new IP? – Fergus Jun 3 '13 at 5:49
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I'll instructions for the vSphere Windows client for now. The concepts in the web interface are similar, but the execution is slightly different...

1). You'll need to create a new port group in your distributed switch... Typically, your uplink ports from the Distributed Switch will be trunks with multiple VLANs.

enter image description here

2). In the vSphere client, go to the Home -> Inventory -> Networking screen. Locate the Distributed Switch on the left pane. Right-click the top-level switch and add a new "Port Group". If the port group already exists, all you'll need to do is skip to the last step...

enter image description here

3). Give it an appropriate name and fill in VLAN details, etc. From there, you can just choose the right network for the virtual machine from the VM's "Network Connection" dialog.

enter image description here

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