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I'm trying to setup my PPTP to allow more than 255 client connections.

I have added the connections param in pptpd.conf to allow the connections but I do not know how to set the remoteip specification to allow more than 255 addresses.

Currently I have:


This allows 254 client connections but I really want to set this so I can have up to 500 or more. Something like:

remoteip 192.168.0-10.2-255

But this is not valid, I get the error

 MGR: Bad IP address (192.168.0-10.2-255) in config file!

Can anyone suggest how this should be done in the config file?



I've had a good look through the man page for the config file and cannot see any examples of how this would be done

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The annotation in the pptpd.conf file is weird.

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thanks.. just what I needed except that there can be no space after the comma.. i.e. remoteip, – user1167223 Jun 3 '13 at 9:52

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