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I am having some trouble configuring my website that requires users to authenticate using either Basic Authentication or Windows Authentication.

The website works fine when Anonymous Authentication is enabled. When I disable Anonymous Authentication the user is presented with a login box as expected. However, when they enter their correct windows username login appears to fail and they are presented with the login box again. I guess access to the physical path of the web page is denied because we are no longer using the Application Pools credentials.

To solve this I have to set the Physical Path Credentials of the website to that of the Application Pool account. I then have to set the Physical Path Credentials of all my virtual directories (of which there are almost 100) to the Application Pool account.

This feels wrong. It's time consuming setting all the virtual directories Physical Path Credentials and if I change the Application Pool Users password I'm in big trouble.

Is there any way to authenticate using Windows/Basic authentication yet still automatically run the request as the the Application Pool account?

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